Hold up: How are you gonna look at that flyer, resplendant with butts, white lions, spilling champagne, trays of succulent meats, and, of course, a crowned DJ Mannie Fresh—how are you gonna look at that flyer and say, "Nah, I'm not interested in any of this."

Saturday, September 10, DJ Mannie Fresh, along with DJ Ayers and DJ Square Biz, will be spinning at Drom. The sleek East Village spot will be overrun with hip-hop of all varities, but especially that dirty Southern shit. 

If you're not impressed by this Pen & Pixel-esque display of graphic prowess, if you don't like good things, stay the fuck away from this event. We'll gladly have your share of the fun.

DJ Mannie Fresh
with DJ Ayers and DJ Square Biz

Saturday, September 10
10 p.m.
85 Avenue A, New York