So B.o.B was in Ithaca for a show at Cornell University and proceeded to rack up a $1,060 at a bar with his entourage. Good news, especially for that bar, right? Wrong, because he apparently skated, refusing to pay his tab.

According to the Cornell Daily Sun, B.o.B’s main waiter had to chase him out of the bar with the bill after spending 90 minutes serving the artist and his people. Apparently, B.o.B’s manager reaffirmed that when they go to clubs, they “get paid to come,” and were doing the waiter a favor by “not charging him.”

No word from B.o.B’s camp on the incident yet, but if this is true, it’s the worst thing you can do to a waiter. Hell hath no fury like members of the service industry scorned.

 [via Cornell Sun]