Cheater: Tiger Woods
Date Of Affair: May - November 27, 2009

Tiger's first alleged mistress to be revealed, Rachel Uchitel, was apparently the impetus for the hellish Thanksgiving the pro golfing phenom would rather forget. Having met the get-busy golfer in May 2009 at a New York hot spot, the flashy club promoter was outed by the National Enquirer for being spotted six months later checking into Melbourne's Crown Towers, the same lodging Woods was staying at while winning the Australian Masters. (Allegedly, Tiger's childhood friend made all the travel arrangements.) The news obviously upset Woods' wife Elin Nordegren causing Tiger to supposedly tell a male buddy he had to get her a "Kobe Special" (a/k/a a humongous "I'm Sorry I Done Fucked Up" rock). But when Nordegren caught Tiger texting the leggy "Hamptons party girl" late night on Turkey Day, a ruckus erupted leading to the well-publicized scratched face/golf club swinging/crashed car fiasco. Uchitel, who was reportedly paid $10 million in hush money, would go on to appear on Vh1's Celebrity Rehab and, last heard, was attempting to become a private investigator. As for poor-but-wealthy Nordegren, she caught another case of bad luck when she discovered last month that sultry seductress Rachel also allegedly slept with the spectacular Swede's current boyfriend, financier Jamie Dingman, back in '09. Cancel Christmas!