The long-awaited Meet the Medic trailer has been released highlighting the healing class for Team Fortress 2.  The medic is a bad ass modern day Dr. Frankenstein, as he fills his role as the backbone of any combat team. Several updates to the class have also been revealed for their  uber update, which released yesterday.  Medics get an improved medigun called The Quick-Fix, a syringe gun called The Overdose and the Bust of Hippocrates, which allows the medic to see enemy health levels.  All of this is on the heels of the news that Valve is turning Team Fortress 2 into a free to play game, supporting it with micro transactions.  It’s rare to have this much buzz pouring out over a game that’s nearly four years old, but Team Fortress 2 is one of those unique games that continues to remain relevant despite its age. [via Kotaku]