Infamous Jackass daredevil Ryan Dunn died at 3 a.m. this morning in a car accident. He was reportedly traveling over 110 mph. In his 34 years on this earth, the stuntman pulled off many unbelievable feats. Here, we look back on a few of his most memorable moments on Jackass and beyond. R.I.P. Ryan.

5. The Golf Cart Derby

Dunn was known as a master of driving recklessly and escaping sans a scratch. In one of his most memorable near-death moments, he expertly (or, mindlessly, some might say) plowed through a mini golf course, where he managed to successfully take out various life sized plastic animals, and, in an attempt to ream an oversized pig with a car, almost killed Johnny Knoxville. (Note: The clip is dubbed, but really, all you ever needed were eyes to appreciate Dunn's mad brand of genius.)

4. The Toy Car Rectal Probe

In what might be one of the most outrageous scenes from Jackass: The Movie (and that's saying a lot), Dunn visits a doctor, and an X-Ray reveals a matchbox car that he skillfully inserted into his...anal cavity, with the help of only a well-lubricated condom. Try not to laugh at the disgusted look on the nurse's face as she discovers what's troubling Ryan's system—we dare you.

3. The Death-Defying Seat Switch

Changing seats with Bam Margera while hightailing in a Lambo? A feat that clearly falls under "don't even think about trying this at home, idiot," the kind that marked Dunn as a no-holds-barred style stuntman.

2. The Human Wax Strip

In what may be Dunn's most painful-to-watch clip, he covers his butt in super glue and acts as a human wax strip for Phil's hairy back. Bonus points for enduring the removal of Bam's glue-laden hand from his beard with minimal girly screams.

1. The Tequila Chug

In a move that would have led directly to the ER for any normal human, Dunn takes down an entire bottle of Jose Cuervo in under 40 seconds. And, oh yeah, lives to tell about it. That is how you do bottle service, punks.