What remains to be said that hasn’t already been? A few years ago, this man was one of hip-hop’s most thorough contradictions (a former corrections officer portraying himself as an uber-criminal in Miami’s drug world), ridiculous lyrics (“I weigh 300 pounds/And it’s time to eat”) and over-the-top videos (Ross’s daring dive off a bridge at the intro to the “Speedin’” video). Somehow, his self-proclaimed prophecy has come true: if you can’t come across a song with Rick Ross on it while you’re scanning the radio, something is wrong. Which means he can now do anything he wants to. Including have his July 1 performance at King of Diamonds, his favorite strip club. Which is exactly what he's doing.

Rick Ross
Friday, July 1
King of Diamonds
17800 NE Fifth Ave., North Miami
For more information, call 786.487.0255