Neighborhood: Times Square
Address700 8th Ave.

Within sight of the Milford Plaza Hotel, paramedic Frank Pierce (Nicolas Cage) drags the T.B.-stricken Noel (Marc Anthony) across 8th Avenue. The Milford Plaza Hotel is one of the largest and most famous hotels in the Theater District. Indeed, when it first opened, in 1928, it was the largest hotel in all of New York City. It's nickname, according to the hotel's website, is the "Lullabuy [sic] of Broadway."

Bringing Out the Dead's lullaby is Van Morrison's awesome "T.B. Sheets." The opening organ wail, bluesy guitar riff, and squealing harmonica are heard over and over again in the film, appropriate because of the thematically related lyrics. The 9-minute-long song tells of a young girl dying of consumption, just as Noel, the character Frank perpetually chases after, is. The film is preoccupied with death and the idea that, though we will all continue to try, none of us can save one another or even ourselves.