Neighborhood: Astoria, Queens
AddressHillside Ave. & Myrtle Ave.

Finding the site of the pink Cadillac discovery in the rightly famous "Layla" montage in Goodfellas is more a question of will than any real demonstration of navigational prowess. After making the long journey on the J train to 121 Street, deep inside Queens, the walk is short and the tracks easy to spot. The area beneath the tracks is still full of seemingly junked cars, which makes the presence of an eerily still parking attendant all the more mystifying. I waved to him. He gave me a look that said, "The fuck you doing here?" He sat in a metal folding chair opposite a sign announcing that the parking lot was "reserved for customers of Tropicana Indian restaurant."

Matching the angles of the shots proved to be simple thanks to a fire escape that provided a good reference point. The location is brighter now than it was during the Goodfellas shoot; there's a tree where before there was only gray sky. No car occupied the pink Cadillac's parking spot, though a sedan with Texas plates squatted nearby. It might've been driven within the last decade.