It’s always a trip to revisit favorite 1980s films, particularly ones that weren’t nominated for any awards whatsoever. With way too colorful outfits and dated slang (“Bogus!”), movies from the notoriously cheesy decade reveal a few things about the viewers when seen again today, as adults. For one, it becomes clear that a kid’s taste in cinema is quite awful. More importantly, though, going back to ’80s movies reminds us of our most formative crushes, the big-haired actresses who welcomed our premature selves into puberty. Though it was made in modern times, the new comedy Take Me Home Tonight, set in 1988, has brought all of the old ’80s movie flings back into our minds. In it, 32-year-old Topher Grace plays a recent college graduate (why not, right?) focused on nabbing his longtime obsession (the beautiful Teresa Palmer) at an unruly Labor Day weekend bash. Palmer’s character falls right in line with the ’80s tradition of seemingly unattainable girls; to check out her sexiest predecessors, have a gander at the 25 Hottest 1980s Movie Love Interests.