Sylvester Stallone is opting to take things a little easier as The Expendables 2 quickly gathers steam. The Los Angeles Times' 24 Frames blog heard from someone connected to Sly that while he's "very much involved with the new outing," he's not planning on being behind the megaphone to direct.

With the aging action star on the hunt for someone else to direct, the surprisingly muscular hit at the box office is not experiencing any delays. No official word has come down from Millennium Films yet, and there's a slight chance Sly could put himself through the ringer as both star and director again.

The blog story also has a bit of fodder for Arnold Schwarzenegger fans. The Comebackinator wants back into Hollywood (and in comics) and may take a bigger role in the manly marauding movie sequel "now that he's free of the California governor's office." While it remains to be seen whether the other aging action star wants to heft a gatling gun and be the potential baddie to Stallone and company, we'll have to keep our ears to the ground, until then, as more news develops.

Should Stallone step down from the director's seat and stick to being just the hero? Weigh in below.