10. VISITOR Q (2001)

Director: Takashi Miike
James Gunn says: Visitor Q is the most fucked up film on this list, by far. [Laughs.] I am loath to suggest Visitor Q to anyone, because you’ve got to have a warped brain to even understand or appreciate it a little bit. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I have been blessed with a warped brain, and I really dug it.

It’s not my favorite Takashi Miike film—that’d be Audition, but, although there are comedic moments in Audition, I don’t consider it a dark comedy. Visitor Q is much funnier and much stranger. The other great Miike dark comedy is The Happiness Of The Katakuris, which is a musical and it’s outlandishly strange and real. But with Visitor Q, its weirdness seems to be more consistent within itself; The Happiness Of The Katakuris seems to try to be goofy, and it’s not as good of a film.

Complex: So what is Visitor Q about?

James Gunn: Fuck. [Laughs.] Dude, it’s so fucked up. I’m about to look it up online—that’s how hard it is to describe. It’s not really about anything. [Reading from the Internet] “A strange visitor to a wealthy family seduces the maid, the mother, the son, the daughter, and finally the father before leaving a few days after, subsequently changing their lives.”

I guess that’s what it’s about. [Laughs.] It really is a surreal film. It’s just a bunch of crazy, weird Japanese nonsense. Visitor Q has all of these weird sex scenes that are just disturbing and creepy and Cronenbergian.

I’ve watched tons of Asian cinema, so it was tough to just pick one for this list. I was hoping that I could somehow squeeze in this movie The Story Of Ricky that I thought about putting on this list, but ultimately decided not to. It’s fucking crazy! It’s a Hong Kong movie with this super muscular, strong guy named Ricky and he goes around punching people; as he’s punching people, he’s punching through their bodies, so their bodies are splattering all over the place as he hits them. It’s kind of like if Superman was just walking around and punching regular human beings like they were tissue paper.

But The Story Of Ricky is not really a “good” film; I think Visitor Q is actually a pretty good movie.