Damon Wayans hasn't been on a regular TV series since the ABC comedy My Wife and Kids, and now he's looking to return to glory by headlining a new sports radio sitcom on CBS. Inspired by ESPN personality Colin Cowherd, Wayans will play announcer Nick Herd, a cocky, know-it-all on air but when away from the mic he's "just a schmuck trying to keep three women from freaking out." The unnamed sitcom has been pegged with the "inspired by" tag, in regards to Cowherd, but according to the man himself that's not entirely true.
“[It] won’t be autobiographical. It’s not about my life, which isn’t that interesting. It’s about relationships. I want stories on relationships that are authentic. I give them real situations I live through.”
Apparently, the relationships in question regard Cowherd's current wife, ex-wife, and co-host. While the roles of the three women have yet to be cast, Danny Comden (Pushing Daisies, Dirt) has been added as the swarmy producer of Herd's show.

[Via Deadline]