If done correctly, we don’t think online relationships are bad. After all, we spend countless hours in the office searching for jumpoffs on Facebook video chatting with our loved ones. However, in the case of Liana Liberato’s character in David Schwimmer’s (yes, the dude from Friends) latest directorial effort, she experiences an Internet hookup of the saltiest kind. As a result, her once-carefree family turns into a devastating calamity, inciting Clive Owen’s character to purchase a heater, while Catherine Keener’s role appears to be dramatically traumatized. Damn, and we thought, in this age of Facebook and Google, kids knew not to expose themselves fully to strangers. Unfortunately, they are still many out there who pose in gestures similar to American Apparel ads, while some creeper with Dockers pants in the Midwest jerks off frantically. We’re guessing (and hoping) a more shocking plot underlines the film; after all, it premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival with mixed results. See what it’s about for yourself on April 1st.