In a tight economy it isn’t always clear what you should spend your hard earned money on, and with comic books getting more and more expensive, your dollar doesn’t go as far at the comic shop as it used to. We here at Complex feel your pain, so we're compiling a weekly list of which books are truly worth your money. Keep reading for all the goodness hitting shelves today.

Batman: Odyssey #6

What it’s about: Veteran comic book artist, and iconic Batman illustrator, Neal Adams returned to DC recently to launch Batman: Odyssey. This book harkens back to the classic Batman tales of the '70s and portrays Bats in a more nostalgic light. This characterization of Batman may feel unfamiliar to fans of The Dark Knight Returns and The Long Halloween, but this is still very much a classic take on the Caped Crusader and it is sure to resonate with older fans and fans of the animated series.
What to expect this month: The Joker. Is there anything else you need to know? How about Ra’s Al Ghul? Intrigued yet? Neal Adams is pulling out all of the stops for what could become one of his largest Batman stories to date. So be sure to pick this up if you’re a Batman aficionado or if you want a glimpse into what Batman was like during his heyday. While better Batman books exist, this may be the last time that Neal Adams pencils a full series, so that alone is worth it.

Brightest Day #19

What it’s about: In the aftermath of Blackest Night, many DC heroes who were once thought to be deceased have seemingly come back from the beyond. As they adjust to their new world, there is always the requisite danger that they must face.
What to expect this month: As Brightest Day nears its end, Geoff Jones and Peter Tomasi are gearing up for their epic Aquawar storyline that pits Aquaman and Atlantis against the terrorist actions of the Black Manta. Geoff Jones and Peter Tomasi may pull off the impossible by making Aquaman a complete badass.

Sweet Tooth #18

What it’s about: In a post-apocalyptic world, a young deer/human hybrid named Gus must learn to survive in a dangerous world by himself. Plagued by premonitions about his future, Gus struggles to avoid malicious citizens who are more interested in experimenting on him rather than helping him. Fans of non-superhero books like Fables and The Walking Dead should give this a shot.
What to expect this month: This stand-alone issue is a great jumping on point for new readers as a new storyline is just around the corner. If you are unfamiliar with recent events in the book, the trade paperback collections are easy to find and very cheap. This is easily one of the best comics currently of shelves and it does a great job of blending emotion and fantasy with some darker story elements.

Amazing Spider-Man #653

What it’s about: As one of Marvel’s longest running series, Amazing Spider-Man isn’t immune to the occasional downswing in quality. However, with Dan Slott on writing duties, you can make the argument that Amazing hasn’t been this consistently enjoyable since the early issues of JMS’s (writer Joe Michael Straczynski) run on the book. This is the book that deals with the classic Spider-Man, not the Ultimate version or any other version of the wall crawler. If you love Spider-Man then this is the book for you.
What to expect this month: Slott’s Revenge of the Spider-Slayers arc continues as Spider-Man tries to stop the Scorpion from destroying John Jameson’s shuttle during launch. While this book will never shatter your preconceived notions of the comic medium, it is so enjoyable and so much fun that it’s always worth picking up. It’s funny, over-the-top, and even sentimental. This is easily the best Spidey book out right now.

Invincible Iron Man #500.1

What it’s about: Matt Fraction couldn’t be writing this book at a better time. With the mainstream buzz that Iron Man is currently enjoying, it’s convenient that the character is right in the middle of some of the best stories that he has ever been a part of. Combining sci-fi elements with blockbuster action and an emotional anchor, Invincible Iron Man may be the best book that Marvel is currently putting out.
What to expect this month: This issue marks the beginning of Marvel’s Point One initiative. This issue is different in the fact that it is designed to be easily accessible for casual fans to pick up and not get lost while reading it. This issue is much simpler and easy to follow, all while still resonating with the longtime fan. If you’re a fan of the Iron Man movies and want to get into the comics then there is no better time to do it than with this issue.

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne Hardcover (Collects #1-6)

What it’s about: If you have been following Grant Morrison’s nearly insane Batman odyssey but haven’t read this yet then this is the perfect time to do so. Morrison’s first four years writing Batman all culminate with this mini-series recounting how the Dark Knight survived his own death. The book features Batman traveling through time and becoming a caveman, pirate, cowboy, and more! Trippy, needlessly complicated, and absolutely engrossing, The Return of Bruce Wayne is a wonderful testament to the basic characterization of Batman and the pure insanity of Grant Morrison. If you haven’t read all of Morrison’s run then you will most likely be confused and frustrated, so it might be best to brush up on recent events before delving into this book.