If you hear a sick song and you want to know what your friends think of it, what do you do? You probably send them a download or YouTube link for the track and wait for them to hit you with a response. Now there's a better way.

A new service called Listening Room lets you share songs with your friends in a more communal way—by setting up a virtual room where you're the DJ. All you have to do is go to the Listening Room site, create a room, send that link to whoever you want to hear your songs, and then pick any MP3 on your computer to play for your party patrons. Whoever's in the room can chat about the music being played. And it's free.

We would say head on over to Listening Room, but the people behind it are currently trying to work out some server issues and won't have the service running again until Friday, January 28th. So, instead, we'll say to check it out on Friday.

via Life Hacker