The world was a better place before "Sackboy Song" was created. No, seriously. It was better. No contest. This hell you’re living in right now? Just made worse by this song. [Joystick Division]

Does a game about Russian nesting dolls sound like your idea of a good time? No?  Then you clearly haven’t seen the preview for Stacking, a brilliant adventure game coming soon to Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Network. Who doesn’t want to control a tiny doll named Charlie who jumps inside bigger dolls, possesses them, and uses them to fart and cough their way through levels of hilarity? Besides us, we mean. [IGN]

While some are making Kinect hacks to satisfy their teenage fantasies, students at the University of Washington have programmed the Kinect to interact with their robotic medical equipment.  Using a “depth camera," areas of the body such as an internal organ or bone can be specified as “off limits,” and surgical equipment will not respond to commands to go too close to those sections. In essence, it acts like a force field protecting the patient. Smart people rule. [Game Informer]

It’s incredible when you realize that the entire evolution of video games has taken place over the past 40 or 50 years; we’ve gone from Pong to controller-free gaming in the technological blink of an eye. Although the following gaming history video unconscionably omits Dig Dug as one of its influential pieces, it's still a poignant retracing of the roots of the video game family tree. [Koku Gamer]

Do you like not-at-all-hilarious porn parodies of your favorite games? Probably not as much as we do! Luckily for all of us, Grimmstone has developed a new pack for its adult-themed puzzle game, Sexy Adventures on Porn Island.  Included in the pack is a parody of The Secret of Monkey Island called The Secret of, uh, Spunky Island.  If you think—nay, KNOW—that the world couldn’t be complete without an X-rated version of Tetris (the game of falling cocks?), then this link’s for you. We're still not sure when we can expect Civilization XXX, though. [1UP]

By Richie Procopio