Angelina Jolie is back from a year-long hiatus this Friday to play the eponymous femme fatale in Salt, and we ain't mad about it. When she's not playing a gun-toting action hero in the movies, Ang is traveling around the world with her six kids being a U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and shit, but in our minds, her coolest charitable endeavors have always been her nude scenes. Because good wood is a terrible thing to waste.

Anyways, Salt is the story of a CIA agent who turns fugitive because of a misunderstanding...or is it? Before we find out what happens in the movie ourselves, let's take a trip down memory lane (laden with super twos and tattoos) to celebrate the fact that she's back where she looks best. Have a look at Angelina Jolie's hottest roles...


13. SALT (2010)
Character: Evelyn Salt

Nude? No

Hottest Scene: Shooting guns while looking hot, as usual.
Complex says: Salt's a CIA agent who's accused of being a Russian Spy. If this movie is anything like Bourne Identity, but with sexy Angelina instead of Matt Damon (who makes us feel bad about our lack of abs), then we're for it!


12. BEOWULF (2007)
Character: Grendel's Mother

Nude? No

Hottest Scene: Looking sexy and slippery, dipped in gold.
Complex says: Even as a half-animated and motion-captured computer creation, Angelina looks hot. She's not really nude, but they animated her to look naked. Same difference to us.


11. MOJAVE MOON (1996)
Character: Eleanor 'Elie' Rigby

Nude? Yes

Hottest Scene: Shower scene where we see her terrific twos.
Complex says: Her nipples are hard during the whole movie, which is why we think it's a hot role. If you don't agree, go paint a house.


10. TAKING LIVES (2004)
Character: Illeana

Nude? Yes

Hottest Scene: When she's topless. Duh.
Complex says: Angelina plays a hot FBI agent who mixes business with pleasure and messes her whole investigation up. Murders? Fine by us—we got a sex scene with some boobage out of it.


9. ORIGINAL SIN (2008)
Character: Julia Russell / Bonny Castle

Nude? Yes

Hottest Scene: She's naked in multiple parts of the movie, but her kinky sex scene is the winner.
Complex says: Angelina plays a fake mail-order bride to con a rich man out of his money. Sorry for the spoiler, but we all know the real reason why you're gonna watch this one anyway. (Hint: it rhymes with "explicit sex scenes.")


8. CYBORG 2 (1993)
Character: Casella 'Cash' Reese

Nude? Yes

Hottest Scene: Two words: Robot sex.
Complex says: Angelina plays a cyborg who falls in love with a human. We didn't know that scientists made proper private parts for robots, but uhh, where can we buy one of those?


7. PUSHING TIN (1999)
Character: Mary Bell

Nude? Yes

Hottest Scene: When her boob falls out of her bra.
Complex says: This movie got 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is appropriate because we only see 49% of Angelina's breasts. Still, a nipple is a nipple and we giggle like Pee Wee Herman when we see a hint of one.


6. FOXFIRE (1996)
Character: Legs Sadovsky

Nude? Yes

Hottest Scene: When Angelina and a few other girls are topless, giving each other tattoos.
Complex says: Don't let the shaggy lesbian haircut fool you. This movie features girl-on-girl touching and many appearances by Angelina's super twos.


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