The Winter Olympics pop off on Friday and, unlike much of the U.S., we're actually fans. Don't ask us who won the two-man bobsled (ayo!) last time, but we'll be tuning in for the next couple weeks. We might (might) even fuck around and watch some figure skating.

But you know who really cares about the Winter Olympics? Norway. Yeah, we don't really need a creative reason to tour the world and offer galleries of their hottest women, but we figured, Hey, Norway's excited about luge and cross-country skiing and curling, and Hey, we're excited about their females, so why not get excited together. Or something like that. Anyway, like Pauly D, we (and probably you at this point) just want to get to the business. In celebration of the "two-week Norwegian Super Bowl," we offer up the 10 hottest Norwegian women...

#10. Annie
CLAIM TO FAME: The famous electro-pop singer has a sound like Kylie Minogue's and a swagger like Uffie's. Now, just give her talent like Tera Patrick's and she'd be a triple threat.


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