Watch Young Thug Pick Out the Dress From His 'JEFFERY' Cover

Watch Young Thug pick out the now-iconic dress from his 'JEFFERY' cover.

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Young Thug made waves when he unveiled the cover of his latest project JEFFERY wearing a dress by up-and-coming designer Alessandro Trincone. In a new episode of What Rox!, you can see the moment Thugger first spotted the layered look, which he says reminds him of Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat during a visit to VFILES with his fiancée Jerrika Karlae​. Trincone, who is based in Italy, had submitted the lavender piece to VFILES through its crowd-sourced fashion competition, which has enlisted Young Thug as a mentor this season. 

Even though Young Thug wanted the dress from the jump, the photographer who shot the cover, Garfield Larmond, said they were surprised when they actually got it."We were just looking through the photos at the end of the shoot, and [Thug] said, ‘What’s that? I need it," Larmond told The Fader. "We didn’t expect VFILES to say they could send the piece to us, but they were like, ‘We can get the whole outfit to you in Atlanta.'"

While the reactions to Young Thug's outfit were mixed, Karlae is in full support of the cover. "So many people confused it for, like, 'Oh, he's gay' or 'he's trolling for attention,' but…he doesn't believe in fashion, like, 'That's a woman's jacket'—he really doesn't believe that," she told REVOLT. "He likes what he likes and it has nothing to do with his sexuality at all," which is a sentiment Young Thug has shared himself.

Check out the interview with Karlae below and Thug picking out the dress in the clip above.

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