More Loose Ends


I never got a chance to finish that last Loose Ends post, so I wanted to throw some more music at you. Check it out.

Here’s a new one from DC native Marky. This time around he flips some Johnny Cash.

Marky – Run On | YouSendIt

Apparently this dude Tinie Tempah is big in the UK, but I only heard of him recently. He went from grimy to mainstream, but he’s done it quite well, because this sounds like a hit. If Young Money was in the UK, this guy would be in it. (Although his flow reminds me more of Nicky than anyone else.) Credit to Hilkoo.

Tinie Tempah – Frisky | YouSendIt

Dom’s “Living In America” has been getting major love from the blogs lately. Sun drenched and synthed up, Dom has put together an “America, Fuck Yeah” anthem for dirty hipsters. Fuck yeah.

Dom – Living In America

Can you ever have enough bangers about money? No. You can’t. This one stomps harder than American History X. I’m in it for the Weezy.

Trina ft. Rick Ross & Lil Wayne – Currency

New Interpol. People seem excited for it. I tried to listen three times but fell asleep each time. Fans seem to dig it, so if you want it, here it is.

Interpol – Lights

Seattle hip-hop recommended by Seattle clothing company People’s Republic, and cosigned by me. They just dropped and album – check it out here.

State of The Artist – Hey Hey Ft. PSmoov & Shaprece Renee