10 Free Songs You Should Download Right Now


We are a greedy people when it comes to music. We’ve been conditioned to not only want free music, but to expect it. Luckily, a lot of artists (and some labels) understand this, and they’ve been giving the people what they want. In just the past couple of months, there has been a ton of great free music. These 10 tracks are all so good that if we didn’t know any better, we might have even paid actual money for them, but no need to worry, these 10 are on the house. Enjoy.

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Py – “Lungs”

“Lungs,” the first song we ever heard from this new British songstress is already one of our most played songs of the year. The atmospheric production by George FitzGerald gives the song just enough life, and Py’s sultry vocals do the rest. Welcome, Py, good to meet you.

Download Py’s new mixtape, Tripping On Wisdom, for free here.


Meek Mill ft. Drake & Jeremih – “Amen”

We’re used to hearing Meek Mill over the typical Maybach Music style beats, and he’s got a delivery aggressive and magnetic enough to dominate that type of beat, but he switches things up for “Amen” and it pays off. The production sounds like it’s made of the same soulful stuff of early Kanye, and even though Meek never struggles with choruses, this is one of his most celebratory ever. Didn’t think Meek could make a feel-good anthem? Just listen to “Amen.”

Download the whole Dreamchasers 2 mixtape here.


Princeton – “Grand Rapids (RAC Remix)”

RAC may be known for the big, dance-y remixes, but this take on Princeton’s “Grand Rapids” shows RAC’s mastery of the art of subtlety, favoring drums, some simple guitar work, and an emphasis on melody for a lowkey indie gem of a remix.



Gucci Mane ft. Rick Ross – “Trap Boomin'”

“Damn son, where’d you find this?”

Gucci Mane has been through a lot over the past years. Legal troubles have plagued this rapper’s personal life, but he’s turned over a new leaf, and “Trap Boomin'” shows a more mature side of Gucci, focusing in on his desire to deliver a more positive message, and he does it quite elegantly. Sike, sike, sike, it’s all about cooking that white, making money, and feeding girls pills. And it’s beautiful. Never change, Gucci.


That Work – “Secret Lover”

Party Supplies recently remixed this one, and it led us back to the original by the New York City duo. Both versions are great, but this synth-driven tune is full of bounce and laced with a huge chorus that will keep it in heavy rotation this summer.


Lower – “Craver”

Sick of all these bright, sunny sing-alongs being thrown in your face just because the weather’s getting nicer? We got you. Denmark’s Lower has crafted a dark, desperate punk track with “Craver,” and we doubt you’ll be able to understand more than a few words, so don’t even worry about singing along.


House Shoes ft. Danny Brown – “Sweet”

More and more, when I hear production, I think, “I wanna hear Danny Brown over this.” Whether it’s wild, electronic, and chaotic or devastatingly minimal, the Fool’s Gold spitter’s commanding flow dominates. This House Shoes production keeps things on the simple side, and Danny’s delivery morphs the whole thing into a head cracker of a track. Sweet.



How to Dress Well – “Ocean Floor For Everything”

Appropriate for a song whose title references the ocean floor, this new How To Dress Well track is deep enough to drown yourself in. With a new album announced for the fall, this beautiful single already has us filled with anticipation.


Perfume Genius – “Rusty Chains”

The description of what this song is about (below) can’t get much more intense. How do you even match that description with music? Perfume Genius knows. Sad songs say so much.

“A song for a man whose lover has died. He remembers a time, before his partner took sick, where everything felt safe and endless. He asks to be taken next, so they can be together again.”


Childish Gambino – “We Ain’t Them”

There are plenty of ways to make your music relatable. A lot of times, it’s the most generalized approach that resonates with the most people, but that’s never been Childish Gambino’s method. Instead, he keeps things personal, and while we can’t all relate to Donald Glover on a personal level, it’s surprising how little pieces of his life, attitude, and outlook seem to strike a chord with all types of listeners.