Location: Stockholm

The art world has Flickr to thank for the work of Dimitris Makrygiannakis, who goes by ngravity on the photo-sharing site. In a May interview with fellow street photographer Eric Kim, Makrygiannakis, who was born in Crete but has been living in Stockholm for almost a decade, explained that it was an image by Lukas Vasilikos on the site that turned his interest in photography from casual to ardent.

While his full-time job as a medical doctor doesn’t allow Makrygiannakis as much free time as he’d like to be completely devoted to the craft, he knows that no amount of planning can guarantee all of the elements one needs to create a striking image. “When I ‘hunt’ for photos on the street, I try not restrict myself,” he told Kim. “I love the feeling of my eyes wandering without a specific aim. However once in a while in those few moments in life, people and things will come together magically for a moment. If I record that, it [is] enough for me.”