Favorite brands: Rogue Status, Staple, A.P.C. (jeans only), Anything Kanye wears

Kanye West's shutter shades went from onstage outfit to prominent accessory of the year. Cardigans featured heavily in the streetwear scene—because prep was kind of a thing but no one wanted to full on dress like Cartlon Banks. Forums like Kanye To The and Dress Like Kanye West propel the rapper from up-and-comer to full-fledged style icon. Collaborations with Louis Vuitton and Nike amp up his cred considerably. Streetwear saw some corny missteps like all-over print T-shirts emblazoned with guns, and market saturation was reaching a critical mass. Dudes were looking in the mirror, seeing their neon neckerchiefs and snapbacks and thought: "Maybe I look a little too ridiculous."

1. Staple Pigeon Snapback
2. Shutter Shades (Purchased after the "Stronger" music video came out)
3. Neckerchief
4. BBC Cardigan
5. Rogue Status AK-47 T-shirt
6. Vans x Supreme Bad Brains Sk8-Hi (Bought at Flight Club)