Isabel Marant raised some eyebrows when it was announced that her first foray into menswear would be her capsule collection with fast-fashion retailer H&M. Although she is known for designing tomboy-ish looks for her female customers, we still wondered what this collection would entail. Now, we have a first glimpse.

Long before the line drops in November, this tweet from H&M gives a sneak peek at things to come. The image contains a model being looked over by Marant, as he stands still in a blotchy, striped longsleeve T-shirt. He's also wearing a pair of white jeans. From the looks of things, Marant seems to be ecstatic at the reveal of her work. Let's hope it receives the same response as the retailer's Versace collection and not the most recent with Maison Martin Margiela.

[via H&M]