17. Microsoft

Year Company Founded: 1975

Year Logo Introduced: 1976

Logo Designer: Scott Baker (1987)

Company Founders: Bill Gates, Paul Allen

Microsoft first introduced a logo in 1975, and it's one that would remain in use until 1979. The 1975 logo was designed following contemporary trends and is a logotype which has been described as "groovy." In 1980, Microsoft stepped away from the more complex logo to become an angular, sleek logotype that read "Microsoft" and which placed the entire word on a straight line. 1982 saw the rise of the "blibbet," Microsoft's logo which featured an intricate "O," a feature that would gain a cult following and one that was mourned when it was retired in 1987. The now iconic Microsoft logo came to replace the blibbet in 1987 and remains in use to this day. The simple "Pacman Logo" of 1987 was designed by Scott Baker with one defining slash between the "o" and "s" that is supposed to symbolize speed. Microsoft conquered the technology industry in the 1990s and early 2000s, allowing the simple, not very distinctive logotype to acheive iconic status.

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