Very early this morning, a photo featuring a man who kinda, sorta looks like Nick Young and a backside that looks like it might belong to Iggy Azalea started making the rounds on the Internet. We can't show you the NSFW photo here. But we can tell you that Twitter accounts like this one helped spread the photo around and caught Young and Iggy's attention by claiming that it featured them:

However, both Young and Iggy have come out and said that it's not them. Iggy stepped up first, a short time after the photo leaked, and told her 738,000 Twitter followers that it was not her and Young in the photo:

Minutes later, Young spoke out about the naked selfie, too. He started by saying that it wasn't him in the photo in a serious tone before sending out a bunch of other more lighthearted responses to the pic:

And within about an hour, the whole mess was cleared up. A girl from Houston stepped up and revealed that the photo is actually of her and her boyfriend:

Her boyfriend also chimed in and apologized to Young for the mishap:

So there you have it, guys. Sorry, but there are no Nick Young and Iggy Azalea naked selfies floating around out there. At least, none that we know about...

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[via Larry Brown Sports]