Whew, this may be MTV's biggest troll yet. No shots at the highly capable Jose Antonio Vargas, but this doc is one big white-ass softball. It is neither uncomfortable, progressive nor even laugh-out-loud funny in the way that oblivious racists can sometimes be. (A mom's suggestion that minority-geared college scholarships are like "reverse discrimination" is the sole LOL). There are brief flashes of intrigue, like a white kid who teaches a white privilege course in lieu of a Fox-news loving stepfather, or when someone points out that the Italians who feel encroached upon by ever-increasing Chinese neighbors, were the encroachers themselves less than a century ago. But what does this documentary hope to accomplish by limiting itself to covering Caucasians who mostly like, get it? Racists aren't going to watch this and be moved. No progress is made on-screen, no barriers broken. And when a girl has scholarship stats thrown back in her face, sure she feels "attacked" but she's in her home, surrounded by her own, helpfully non-white friends. Jose you should've went to like, Darien, Connecticut fam. 

--Frazier Tharpe