Oscar-worthy Movie: Some Like It Hot (1959)

What? Huh? Marilyn Monroe doesn't have an Oscar? That doesn't make sense—she's the most iconic film actress in the world!

It seems like Academy members were the only ones who could resist the sex symbol's charms, her flirtations, and that adorable mole. If you look through a hole in a paper plate at any part of Monroe's body you'd be able to recognize the actress. Maybe her blinding sexuality was simply too much for the AMPAS to even process.

Monroe's well known for many things: her bust, her butt, etc. But let's give credit where it's due: She also had absolutely fantastic comedic timing. As the ukulele-playing singer Sugar "Kane" Kowalczyk in Some Like It Hot, Monroe helped make the film one of the most iconic funny movies ever, even getting to upstage two comedy greats (Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon) dressed in drag.