There are few things more devastating than hearing that the TV series you've followed religiously, with the characters who've become like family to you, has been canceled. Unfortunately, in the ratings race that is television broadcasting the axe is always looming, and sometimes networks will unceremoniously end a show well before its time. 

But in recent history, rabid fans of shows that have been canned too early have begun grassroots movements to bring them back. The most recent show to come back from the brink is NBC's Community. After rumors swirled around about its cancellation, fans of the show made their voices heard and the Peacock miraculously put it back onto the network schedule.

It's a shame that such truly good shows can be gone too soon when so much complete garbage endures, kept on air by dolts in suits and on sofas. To celebrate Community's return this Thursday at 8 p.m. ET, we're taking a look at 25 TV Shows That Should Be Canceled.

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