Bob Dylan's iconic record "Like a Rolling Stone" gets the video treatment today, 48 years after its release. Dylan joins the digital age with an interactive video that gives the classic song new life. It includes 16 different television channels to choose from with the characters from each channel singing along to the song. TV shows similar to Pawn Stars and The Price is Right are available as well as vintage footage of Bob Dylan performing the track. There's also a channel solely dedicated to Danny Brown walking on the street and eating a bunch of food while singing the lyrics. Sushi, donuts, pizza, you name it. If it's in Brown's hand, it's immediately going in his mouth.

The release of the "Like a Rolling Stone" video coincides with the release of The Complete Album Collection Volume 1, a 47-disc box set that includes 35 studio albums, six live albums and a number of compilation discs from Bob Dylan.

[via Bob Dylan]

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