This is one of the biggest finesses ever. For every 100-year-old woman that refuses to stop working six days a week (working 85 years of that lifetime) there’s someone the complete opposite. Take Joaquin Garcia. Garcia skipped work for six years, to do a whole 'lotta nothing like Kendall Jenner, and not one person noticed.

Mashable reports the 69-year-old "Spanish civil servant" was put in charge of the "construction of a waste treatment facility" before he began the six-year scheme. Garcia alleges there wasn't work for the position, but said that he showed up occasionally and only kept up appearances to financially support his family, which makes me wonder whether or not Garcia's family was aware about his scheme. If they weren't, how do they feel now that they know? 

According to The Independent Garcia's scheme took place from 2004 to 2010, a time during which he dedicated himself to reading and studying philosophy. 

Garcia went undetected until he was finally caught when bosses tried to award him for 20 years of service then realizing he hadn't been around for a while. 

The Independent says Garcia was not fired from his job because he had already retired. He has been forced to pay back one year's salary, which is approximately $30,000. 

In the end Garcia cashed out for the other five years, so the joke is on them, and us, because we actually have to work to get paid.