"Star Citizen" Reaches Over $14 Million in Funding Thanks to Kickstarter

"Star Citizen" Reaches Over $14 Million in Funding Thanks to Kickstarter

Cloud Imperium's space simulation Star Citizen, from the creator of the Wing Commander series, has reached over $14 million in public funding through Kickstarter and the game's official website Roberts Space Industries.

More than 211,077 backers have contributed $14,015,877 to the funding of Star Citizen on its website since Oct. 10, including $2.1 million raised from 34,397 Kickstarter backers. Each million dollar goal sees new features added to the game. The latest being a mode that allows players to safely hibernate their ships while out of the massively multiplayer game, without getting blown to bits.

The interest in Star Citizen has been unprecedented and the continued public contributions give us hope that Chris Roberts' latest space baby will soon become a reality.

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[Via Roberts Space Industries]

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