Ever been in one of those matches where you stall on using your super? You’re not looking for the perfect moment to win, no, instead you want to win in style. Yeah, we’ve all done it. Your friend has 10% health left and you want nothing more than to land a Psycho Crusher finish. The Super Combo finish will arguably be the most stylish way to win a match. Not every Super Combo is as stylish as the other however. There are some Super Combos that you love for the amount of hits you can rack up or for how dramatic it is. There’s something about each Super that makes you say, “Aww yeah!!” every time it connects and makes you think, “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta” after the victory. After spending several hours between writing to play our favorite fighting games, we at Complex comprised a list of the Supers that we love to do over and over again to deal huge damage, to get a stylish finish, to piss our friends off, or to do just for the hell of it. Here’s our list of the 25 Coolest Fighting Game Supers

Written by Obi Anyanwu (@obianyanwu)

Tags: fighting-games, combos, street-fighter, tekken
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