Besides monetization, one of the biggest problems afflicting social networks like Twitter and Facebook is the proliferation of fake accounts. Earlier this month, Facebook revealed that out of its 955 million users, 83 million of them are fake. So, what about Twitter? The social network hasn't revealed any numbers, but a new website aims to answer that question on its own. 

Dubbed the Status People Fake Follower Check, the site purports to show you how many fake followers—bots, duplicate accounts, businesses—Twitter users have. All you do is type in a name and you get a percentage. Status People says the site was designed for users with less than 10,000 followers, but claims it should still work for people with crazy followings. People like celebrities. We decied to test it out using rappers. Duh. Interested in seeing which of your favorite MCs' digital game isn't as strong as you thought? Keep reading. 

[heads up: Nerd at the Cool Table]

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