Art pieces at music festivals usually serve two purposes. They provide places to sit next to, in order to avoid getting stepped on, and they are backdrops for selfies and group photos. Sometimes, they also serve to beautify the bland, tent-filled landscapes of music festivals, and at this year's Governors Ball Music Festival, that was definitely the case. This year, the festival's planners curated triangular mural spaces with artists from Icy and Sot to Katherine Clarke Langlands, Don't Fret, and Fumero, all of which made "An Ode to New York."

Since the festival is over now, the works are moving to Succulent Studios in Greenpoint on June 28. View a selection of them below.

Robots Will Kill

Magda Love

Katherine Clarke Langlands

Juan Carlos Pinto

John Paul O’Grodnick

Joseph Meloy


Icy and Sot

Jacob Henderson

Don't Fret


Chris Stain

Craig Anthony Miller

Adam Dare

Katherine Clarke Langlands