If we asked you what the best food of all time was and you answered anything other than pizza, you'd be wrong. If there is someone out there that doesn't like pizza, they are not to be trusted. Los Angeles-based photographer Jonpaul Douglass got inspired by some pizza graffiti and decided to create photo series with the delicious staple as the main subject and the city of Los Angeles in a supporting role.

The "Pizza In the Wild" series involves bizarre shots of $5 pepperoni pizzas from Little Caesar's on basketball rims, car hubcaps, barbed wire fences, on Christmas trees, with pugs and peacocks, in the bushes, and just about any other place that could benefit from pizza's presence. The photographer confessed to The Atlantic Cities that he has eaten a few of the used slices, which is either very gross or very responsible, depending on how you view the situation.

To follow the series and to see more of Douglass' work, check out his Instagram

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[via Huffington Post]