Theophilus London is undoubtedly one of the most stylish rappers from New York City, and in general, really. The Brooklyn-bred London has perfected his unique sense of style, and unique mix of tailored garments, Air Jordan sneakers, and vintage tees. So, he knows all about this department, making his interview with Hunger TV, who recently sat down with him to talk about his Fall/Winter 2013 ad for United Colors of Benetton, all the more interesting—especially because he discusses his styling disasters.

"I like to keep a uniform – wear a blazer, try to keep the same colour pants, very tailored, very fitted but still edgy," London said about his personal style. "I like vintage shopping but I also like to mix in high-end. It depends how I’m trying to come across. To wake up in the morning and just know what I’m going to wear, it helps me get out of the house faster." 

When asked about whether or not he thinks he's made some style mistakes, he admits to being guilty of "a couple" early on in his life. "You walk out of your house and you feel so uncomfortable, you’re not smart enough to back inside your house and make yourself more comfortable," he said. "I used to leave the house and say, ‘I don’t know what I did but let’s see!’ but you kind of need those moments. People used to call me out and pull me aside and say ‘what the hell are you wearing?!’ But now I know what I’m doing, it’s all about expressing yourself... I never try to have one look – like, ‘these shoes go perfectly with this outfit’, well maybe that’s the wrong thing. I want to wear something that’s not perfectly matching, there has to be something unorthodox about it. I want to create this mystery."


London also speaks on his music, who he'd like to collaborate with, and what he has in store for the upcoming year in the interview. Read the full article here, and be sure to keep an eye out for TL's Benetton campaign. 

[via Hunger TV]