Written by Safra Ducreay (@SafraD)

London Fashion Week is best known as catnip for trend-obsessed women. But this year, its official "Men’s Day" stepped up as the hot ticket for any guy wanting to up his fashion game. Apart from the pendulum of fashion authorities all over the style blogs and front rows, it’s quickly becoming an epicentre for designers wanting to make their mark in the industry — especially ones with an eye for menswear.  Whether the clothes are tailored, simple or straight-up bogus, London’s menswear offerings have something for everyone. And the bar just got higher. Held on the last day on the LFW calendar, Britain GQ’s Dylan Jones announced a segue into an official three-day event come June of this year. Looks like the Brits are killin’ it with another invasion yet again.

While Milan, Paris and even New York have mastered men’s clothing, some of London’s presentations will take getting used to. Regardless, you have to give it to them: when it comes to experimenting with fashion – the Brits have it down. Besides, pushing limits opens doors for constructive criticism. That and the fact that London will soon be pegged (if it hasn’t already) the fashion cash cow. Here, we highlight 15 British Menswear Designers You Should Know.

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