By now, we’re sure you’ve seen a fair share of people rocking wooden chains and pendants around the city. The accessories you’re seeing are more than likely products of Good Wood NYC, a Brooklyn based jewelry company known for their custom wood creations. Despite not having a flagship store, their products can be found online and in many of your favorite streetwear boutiques throughout the country.

Good Wood started making a serious impression in early 2010 with the success of their wooden Jesus piece. The item skyrocketed in popularity after it was seen gracing the necks of famous athletes and rappers. The piece even made an appearance on 30 Rock.

Since then, Good Wood has grown exponentially and introduced a custom store. Pendants, bracelets, crystal pieces, rings, earrings—you can submit a design and create almost anything.

The folks over at Good Wood gave Complex access to their archives, which is why we went ahead and picked out 25 of the coolest custom creations. They were designed by people like you, but for some fun, we added who we think each piece would most likely belong to. Feeling inspired? Hit up their website and drop some of your own creativity on a piece. Maybe you’ll make the cut next time!

Written by Djordje Gasic (@Djordje)

Tags: good-wood
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