Usually, like 99 percent of the time, one team comes away from a game feeling the thrill of victory while the other encounters the agony of defeat. However, in a recent D-III Rhode Island state championship game between Burrillville High School and Chariho, both sides felt both emotions within a matter of minutes. 

Down by one with just four seconds remaining, Chariho attempted an inbounds pass that was stolen by a Burrillville player, who inexplicably threw the ball in the air before the final buzzer. The ball was recovered by a Chariho player, but Burrillville thought time ran out and celebrated their D-III crown. Or so they thought.

The referees put one second on the clock. A Chariho player heaved the ball towards the basket and into the hands of a teammate who released the rock before time expired.  

Congrats, Burrillville Chariho! 

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