Nothing Stephen Curry does should really surprise you anymore. But, even by the impossibly high standard he's set for himself, he had a pretty good night tonight. Here's a brief rundown:

In the first quarter of Golden State's matchup against Orlando, he set an NBA record by hitting a three-pointer in his 128th straight game. Stricken from the record books was Kyle Korver's 127. The current mark will stand until Stephen undoubtedly adds to it in his next contest:

Later, as the third quarter buzzer was impending, he banked in a 50-footer, because he's already mastered NBA three distance and he's clearly not joking around/messing with the crowd when he tosses up those pregame half-court shots:

We showed you two threes above, what's missing are the other eight he hit. Those 30 points from 10 triples added to yet another lofty total for the MVP, who finished the night with 51. Here's all of them if you have two minutes:

And though he's long since won over fans from both coasts, and doesn't need to start dishing out his gear, after the game he gave his game-worn sneakers to some kid for his birthday, which will certainly look great in the youngster's bedroom after dousing them with Odor Eaters:


Stephen Curry gave his shoes to a young fan for his birthday.

A video posted by Sports Videos (@houseofhighlights) on Feb 25, 2016 at 6:45pm PST

Definitely a big night.

Oh, plus the Warrirors won. Supposedly that's also important.

[Via Vine, House of Highlights Instagram]

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