The Duquesne University men's basketball team tried their best to avoid the incoming blizzard by moving up their game against George Mason from Saturday to Friday at 2 p.m. At first, it looked like the Dukes were making good time last night. Then, at 9:15 p.m., they hit a stand still while on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. And they haven't moved since. 

At first, they scrounged up whatever food and drinks they had left. 

They played games on the bus. 

They entertained the idea of voting someone off the bus. Poor, Darius Lewis

They played outside for a little bit. 

They cracked some jokes. 

They got a visit from their "neighbors." 

They just got a visit from the National Guard and a fire department who showed up with cases of water. 

In an interview with ESPN, a team spokesperson put a positive spin on dealing with this situation. 

“Guys have their electronics (our bus has been idling, so we have heat and power) … Leftover pizza … And a few Gatorades … Honestly, we’ve had two people on this bus who have beaten cancer in the past two years (Derrick Colter and John Rhodes) … I think our guys can handle this.”

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