Yesterday Drake released "Summer Sixteen." Seems like a full enough day. But then he followed that up with an appearance alongside the announcers for the Toronto Raptors. You can watch a good chunk of his appearance above. He touches on Toronto's 11-game win streak, as well as NBA All-Star Weekend coming to Canada. While checking it out wouldn't be the most entertaining five minutes of your life, nobody would blame you for watching it since there's no NFL Football to give you a reason to live today.

Seconds after the above video cuts out, Drizzy went bonkers over a Bismack Biyombo block. The Raptors official twitter account seized upon it and used it to warn play-by-play guy Matt Devlin that he may be living on the street soon if Drake decides he wants to ditch rap, take his job, and make about one percent of what he makes now:

After the game Biyombo jumped Brandon Jennings in the line to get dap:

Anyway, keep your eye out for Drake to perform during All-Star weekend in a few weeks.

Oh no wait, that would make too much sense. What we meant to say is keep your eye out for Sting. Easy mistake. Though, maybe Drizzy makes an appearance.

Keep your fingers crossed.

[via YouTube]

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