Remember “The Explanation” Jason Whitlock provided for the world back in the summer of 2010 after he left the Kansas City Star? Probably not, so here’s a really quick recap: Whitlock left the Star, was upset about some things that went on during his time there, and proceeded to rip the newspaper during a long-winded rant on live radio that included him shedding a few tears. It was a magical moment for Whitlock—and for everyone who spent a whole afternoon discussing it on Twitter.

Fast forward to 2015, and Whitlock is now promising #TheExplanation2, which, based on the fact that it’s in hashtag form, may or may not take place on Twitter. Whitlock and ESPN just parted ways a few months after Whitlock was removed as the Editor-in-Chief of ESPN’s yet-to-be-unveiled website The Undefeated. And as you'd expect, it doesn’t sound like he’s happy about it. Just check out a couple of the tweets he sent out this morning:

In addition to those tweets, which seem to indicate that Whitlock has a lot of things to get off his chest, he also addressed the recent Stephen A. Smith and Kevin Durant "beef" and called ESPN out for the way they handled it:

And to finish things off, Whitlock referenced the Deadspin article that was published about him earlier this year and called out the writer of it:

So when will #TheExplanation2 take place? Stay tuned! This is looking like it's going to get good.

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[via For The Win]