Colin Kaepernick reportedly just signed a massive six-year, $110 million contract extension with the San Francisco 49ers. So you might think that all of the Seattle Seahawks fans out there would be worried. After all, this new deal means that the 'Hawks are going to have to face Kaepernick twice every year for at least the next six years. But we just did a quick search on Twitter to see how Seattle fans feel about Kaepernick's new deal and—surprise!—they're finding ways to clown Kaep and the 49ers organization for giving him such a large contract.

Maybe we shouldn't be surprised by that, though. The Seahawks hate the 49ers right now—and vice versa—so it shouldn't come as a shock to see that their fans are throwing shots in Kaepernick's direction. But it is interesting to see how hard some of them are going at him at the moment. Just check out the 15 harshest reactions that Seahawks fans have had to Kaepernick signing his contract extension below...

Do you think that the 49ers made a mistake by signing Kaepernick to such a large contract extension?

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