At 7:47 A.M., a trash collector reportedly discovered a car partially submerged in a small ditch on Country Club Road in Winter Haven. It is believed that at around 2 A.M., the Mitsubishi crashed through a wooden fence and entered the embankment, leaving the vehicle about 2/3 filled with water. When the car was discovered, 22-year-old Robert Lewis Edwards, who was sitting in the backseat during the incident was found alive, however, 25-year-old Rafael Fernandes de Auguiar-Valini and 23-year-old Taylor Jeffrey Bowden, grandson of Bobby Bowden, were both found dead by the dive team.  

This is the second time the former Florida State head coach has had to deal with the loss of a grandson. In September 2004, 15-year-old Bowden Madden and Bowden's former son-in-law, John Allen Madden, were killed after their car was struck by a utility truck that was assisting in restoring power outages caused by Hurricane Frances. 

Police are still investigating the incident, but the sheriff's office believe that alcohol may have played a role. 

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