The Stiliyan Petrov charity match at Celtic Park was a soccer event that brought old and new players and celebrities together in hopes of raising support for leukemia, which was the disease that forced Petrov to prematurely retire. An unfortunate collision suddenly made the good will event about One Direction's Louis Tomlinson.

Tomlinson signed up with the Doncaster Rovers as a non-contract player in support of Sheffield's Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice and has played soccer at a Sunday league level, so the sport isn't anything new to him. He couldn't handle getting ran into by Aston Villa's Gabriel Agbonlahor, however, and immediately went down, accompanied by the screams of fans everywhere. He was hurt badly enough to be subbed out the game, where he vomited into his hand:

Of course, One Direction stans consider every touch against their idols—no matter how accidental—as an assassination attempt. So they senselessly sent a barrage of death threats to Agbonlahor through Twitter, because to hell with raising cancer awareness when Tomlinson is injured, right?

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[via Yahoo! Sports]