Date: 8/25/2002
: Shawn Michaels, Triple H
Stadium and location: Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Uniondale, N.Y.)

Right before Brock Lesnar made history, Shawn Michaels and Triple H had to settle their beef in a brutal street fight. Michaels had just returned to the WWE after a four-year hiatus only to have buddy Triple H betray him. He did this to prove Shawn Michaels was weak, which by the way is NOT an acceptable defense outside of a wrestling storyline to put someone's head through a car window.

There's not just broken tables here though. There's also broken bodies. Michaels took it to Triple H in his first match back. How many Sweet Chin Musics did Michaels perform that were better than the one he used to bust Triple H open as he was holding a chair? And taking off one of the commentators' boots and smacking The Game with it? Classic stuff.

Shawn Michaels won by pin fall, but Triple H wasn't going down like that. He cut the celebration short by driving a sledgehammer to Michaels' back—the same area which caused the four-year retirement in the first place. The image of a bloodied, demented Triple H leaving the ring as medics tended to Shawn Michaels is one of SummerSlam's most frightening moments ever. Jim Ross' seething commentary only added to how visceral the match and that moment was.