The sports world has seen a lot of Twitter fails over the past few years, whether it's because of a lack of a filter, stupidity, or failure to keep baby mother problems private. That said, there's still a lot of level-headed sports figures who can make a splash on Twitter—like Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin. We'd assume he does have a clear head after being the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl

Sadly, he was never on Twitter...until now! Tomlin finally made an account, and apparently he's going to give us that real.

He then followed that up with another tweet, and sadly, it wasn't a shoutout to "rapper" Supa Hot Fire or the infamous Dylan. It was a picture with chairman Dan Rooney:

Are those suspenders and is Rooney trying to bring them back in style? That'd be fire. Anyway, let's see what Tomlin has to offer on Twitter.

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[via FOX Sports]