When police approached Aaron Hernandez outside of his North Attleborough, Mass. home on June 17 and started questioning him about the death of his associate Odin Lloyd, the former Patriots tight end was not happy. In fact, according to court records from the case that were unsealed by a judge today, Hernandez got angry, argued with the police, asked "What's with all the questions?" and then retreated into his house before locking the door behind him. Police were surprised that he didn't seem shocked or unnerved by the fact that Lloyd was dead.

That's not all we learned from the court records, though. Here are a few other things from the unsealed documents that made us raise our eyebrows:

  • Hernandez and Lloyd were reportedly at a Boston bar called Rumor together on June 14. A Rumor employee told police that Hernandez appeared to have a gun in his waistband that night.
  • Lloyd slept at Hernandez's home on the night of June 14.
  • According to Hernandez's fiancee Shayanna Jenkins, Lloyd was a marijuana dealer. That's what she told police during a brief interview before Hernandez called her on her cell phone and asked her to stop talking to them.
  • Police found Lloyd's cell phone on him after he was murdered on June 17. They looked through it and came across a text message conversation between Hernandez and Lloyd, in which Hernandez told Lloyd that he would be coming to pick him up on the night of the murder.
  • Hernandez returned a rented Nissan Altima to an Enterprise car rental agency on June 18. It was missing the driver's side mirror. When an Enterprise employee asked him what happened to the mirror, Hernandez said that he didn't know and said that "he just came outside and saw that the vehicle was damaged."
  • Police found surveillance footage from the night of June 17 at Hernandez's home that features Hernandez standing outside of his basement with what appears to be a gun.
  • Hernandez used a credit card to purchase gas, gum, and a cigar on the night of Lloyd's murder. Enterprise later found a piece of the chewed-up gum in the Altima that Hernandez returned.
  • A surveillance camera captured Lloyd getting into a Nissan Altima on the night of his murder.
  • Police have been able to place a Nissan Altima at the scene of the crime thanks to the tire track marks it left behind.
  • A person who works near the industrial park where Lloyd was killed heard gunshots go off at approximately 3:15 a.m. on June 17.
  • Police seized a number of items from Hernandez's home in the days after Lloyd's murder, including a Blackberry, three Apple iPads, an Apple iPhone, two pairs of Nike sneakers, a long-sleeve white shirt, True Religion jeans, and a white bath towel. They also found ammunition, a scale, and a dish inside of a safe in Hernandez's basement, and they tested a mattress inside of Hernandez's home as well as a bed skirt for gunshot residue.
  • The weapon used in Lloyd's murder has not been found.

Some of this information was revealed during Hernandez's initial court hearings, albeit in much less detail. But it sounds like there is a lot of evidence that police have against Hernandez right now. Now it's all about the prosecution building a case and trying to prove that Hernandez did, in fact, kill Lloyd.

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[via Boston Globe]